Our Mission

To prayerfully create and implement innovative strategies that, through decisive action, will cause America’s public policy and legal system to support and facilitate God’s purpose for her, all while conducting ourselves at all times with the utmost integrity and in such a way as to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Our Work

We do not merely wish to carve out a “safe haven” for religion. Nor do we want to go back to some better day. Rather, we want to go on to something greater than we have ever known before. We will accomplish this by:

  • Vigilantly protecting America’s legal system from being usurped to ends which run counter to God’s purposes; 
  • Creatively using the legal system to undo the damage of those who have called good “evil” and evil “good”; 
  • Pursuing legal and policy means of ensuring that all levels of government reward good and punish evil; 
  • Training generations of Christian scholars, statesman, lawyers, and jurists who will perpetuate this vision and impact the nation; 
  • Educating the American people regarding legal and public policy issues and fighting for the adoption of those positions which further God’s purposes; and by 
  • Using and gaining a broad acceptance of explicitly Biblical arguments in legal and policy debates.