Rick Claybrook

Rick Claybrook of Claybrook LLC practices religious freedom and pro-life advocacy and is a frequent collaborator with the NLF. He was recognized by SCOTUSblog as the third best author of amicus merits briefs for the 2017-18 Supreme Court term.


If Transsexual, Why Not Transracial?

Outrageous!  A professor at a major university “came clean” and admitted that she has been falsely claiming for years that she has “Black” blood.  The brickbats came out, although it wasn’t entirely clear why.  Because she had taken an affirmative action slot from someone who otherwise would have had it?  Because she wasn’t one of …

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So What Is Roberts Doing?

Chief Justice Roberts has been the center of attention recently, whipsawing both liberals and conservatives with his various opinions.  He sided with Justice Gorsuch and the four “liberals” on the bench in ruling that “sex” in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act includes “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” and he wrote a somewhat baffling …

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