Author name: Rick Claybrook

Rick Claybrook is a lawyer in Washington, D.C., specializing in religious freedom, pro-life, and parental rights issues. He was counsel of record for three different amicus briefs in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

The Path to Disincorporation

The Establishment Clause, unlike the other First Amendment provisions, is not based on freestanding personal freedoms. THE SUPREME COURT OVER THE LAST TWO DECADES HAS repeatedly strengthened the expanded reach of the Free Exercise and Free Speech Clauses to protect the religious. At the same time, the Court has moved to reduce the weight of […]

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Speech by Association

The decision in 303 Creative gives those committed to free speech and the free exercise of religion much to celebrate. The Court held that a website designer’s work is “speech” in a constitutional sense, and so she cannot be compelled to prepare messages for same-sex weddings, to which she has religious objections. But artistic vendors are not

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Dobbs:  Only One Step Forward

Despite the early euphoria, the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs has not ushered us into the Promised Land.  While it was a large step forward to reverse Roe v. Wade and its morally wicked and legally warped progeny, its effect has been muted in several ways.  The voters of presumably pro-life states have rejected constitutional

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2022-23 Supreme Court Term Prelude

The 2021-22 Supreme Court term will be hard to beat, with four pro-religious freedom rulings, including the very important Kennedy decision, and the blockbuster overruling of Roe and Casey.  That doesn’t mean that things won’t be happening on these fronts this coming term, but, as of now, the docket is not as full as last

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A Second Chance to Get It Right:  303 Creative at the Supreme Court It is not often that an issue comes before the Supreme Court twice within a space of four years, but that is exactly what has occurred in the same-sex marriage vendor cases.  The first opportunity was in the Masterpiece Cakeshop litigation.  The

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