The National Legal Foundation testifies in Minnesota!

On April 17, NLF Senior Litigation Counsel, Jim Davids, testified before the E-12 Policy Committee of the Minnesota Senate.  The topic of Jim’s testimony was the constitutionality of Minnesota’s introduced bill that would create a National Motto Display Act. Read his testimony.

Jim explained the history of the National Motto and the history of unsuccessful court challenges to it.  Jim, further explained—due to already expressed opposition to the bill—that the state legislature routinely requires all school districts to adopt certain measure.  Thus, asking all school districts to display the National Motto, “In God We Trust,” is not different from requiring all school districts to comply with state-wide—rather than individual school district—standards on matters such as mandatory attendance ages, teacher qualifications, student testing, graduation requirements, and many more.

Jim, by invitation of Senator Dan Hall, also gave a lecture to interested members of the House and Senate on the history of the First Amendment.

“In God We Trust” has withstood seven challenges prior to these two, the first of which reached a federal Court of Appeals in 1970.  The National Legal Foundation is dedicated to the defense of the National Motto.  Most recently, the National Legal Foundation’s President, Steve Fitschen, and a Senior Litigation Counsel, Jim Davids, have agreed to serve significant roles with the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation (CPCF).  [Meet the CPCF Executive Team here].  CPCF is leading the way to have the National Motto displayed in America’s public buildings, courtrooms, and public schools.  [Visit the CPCF “In God We Trust” website].

Posting “In God We Trust” is also a major thrust of CPCF’s (and NLF’s) model legislation project.  Learn more about the project here.