About this Case

A high school girl decided she wanted to sexually “transition” to a boy.  Despite the fact that minors cannot undergo sexual reconstructive surgery, and thus the student was still anatomically female, the student desired to use the boys’ facilities at the high school.  And this was so despite the availability of single-stall bathrooms that offered greater safety.  Further, the implications of this challenge implicated safety issues in shower and locker room  facilities.  At the court of Appeals, the School District lost, and it filed a petition asking the Supreme Court of the United States to review the case.  The School District asked the supreme court to accept the case.  After filing that petition, the parties settled the case.  In light of that fact, the School District asked the Supreme Court to dismiss the case.  However, the Supreme Court has not yet done so.

Summary of NLF's Brief

On behalf of Concerned Women for America, we also asked the Supreme Court to accept the case and reverse the action of the Court of Appeals.  In our brief, we noted that often children don’t know what is best for themselves and also noted documented safety concerns involving partially transgendered, and non-transgendered individuals, including members of Concerned Women for America.  We also explained that a key document from the United States Department of Education, which gave “cover” to the decision of the court of Appeals was deeply flawed.